The sports nutrition industry has seen a massive increase in competition that has left gross margins shrink. This competition has created a race to the bottom for retail prices, devaluing your products and brand price integrity. The retail landscape has shifted to e-commerce with sites like Amazon and Google, only adding to the situation.

Are you sick of having to play this pricing game and wasting company resources to monitor the hundreds of e-commerce sites? Protect your brand equity by keeping prices where they should be.

PricePlow can help — we have over a decade of experience in the industry and understand the challenges that brands face on a daily basis. We’ve used this experience to create an industry-disrupting software solution that will allow you to manage your price integrity through a daily or weekly report. No more having to waste employee time or assets to search the web each day for violators of your MAP.

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About PricePlow’s Minimum Price Monitoring Technology

PricePlow is a price tracking site founded in the sports nutrition / supplement industry. We monitor over 100 internet retailers in the industry (including Amazon and Jet) and are constantly adding more.

PricePlow MAP Price Monitoring

Your team has enough to do. Let our proven system handle MAP Monitoring for you. Free trials are available!

This is a no-frills, easy to use price tracking service for supplement brands and nutritional consumer packaged goods. We’ve taken our expertise in price tracking for the consumer and applied it towards helping brands manage their price integrity. Our focus and understanding of both sides of this unique industry gives this software service an extreme advantage over other non-focused solutions.

MAP Price Tracking Features

  • Daily email alerts on new violators
  • Weekly email alerts with all current violators who haven’t fixed their prices yet
  • Spreadsheet attachments optional
  • Full coverage of your brand’s products guaranteed within our stores
  • Custom data reports and integrations available (FTP, CSV, UPC codes)
  • Buy One Get One Free / BOGO50 / B2G1 calculations optional
  • 99% Price Accuracy

Example MAP Price Alerts

Our system is simple, with both daily alerts and weekly (or monthly) alerts:

  • Daily Alerts: New MAP Violations Found in the past 24 hours

    MAP Price Monitoring

    Our daily new MAP alerts are simple and effective, so that you can stay on top of violators on a consistent basis.

    These violations are sent each day, with direct links to the product page in violation. PricePlow checks one last time before sending the alert, guaranteeing 99% accuracy.

  • Weekly (or Monthly) Alerts: Current MAP Violations that haven’t been fixed yet

    You may choose to get this email on a weekly or monthly basis. It contains an Excel file attachment for your convenience:

    Minimum Advertised Price Alerts

    Weekly or monthly, you will get a list of all current violators. These are the ones that haven’t fixed their prices yet.

    The list of current violators also comes with a spreadsheet for easier viewing of larger reports, sorted by store:

    MAP Pricing Policy

    The report of current violators can get cumbersome, so an Excel file can be attached as well.


In addition to the email reports, the data may also be delivered to your data warehouse through a protocol such as FTP, SCP, rsync, etc.

Quality Assurances

Each day, our system checks all stores for new product pages. If there is a new listing for your brand that hasn’t been seen before, PricePlow merges it into the system and begins monitoring it.

We also monitor the health of our system daily. The system re-checks pages with errors, and re-tries stores that are temporarily down.

Build Relationships with Retailers

By nature, MAP enforcement increases communication between the brands and the retailers. Our customers have found that this not only leads to more trusting relationships, but it also generates increased sales since the brands can use this time to discuss new SKUs and sales opportunities with the stores.


Our pricing model is wholly dependent upon the number of pages checked per month. This gives us the ability to scale this service from the smallest to the biggest sports nutrition brands.You only pay for the pages (accounts) you are listed on. By default, we check each page once daily, but can check more frequently to catch “midnight price drops”. We also offer volume discounts for large conglomerate companies that have more than one brand or several products. If you’re currently using a MAP pricing software, bring us a competitor’s bid or contract and we’ll beat it.

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Free Beta Information

Interested in testing the waters with PricePlow’s MAP Monitoring? Contact us and we’ll set you up with a daily alert for one product. This free beta service only provides alerts for stores that are already publicly available on the main PricePlow site. Paid customers get full product monitoring from all known industry stores.


Contact PricePlow and let’s work together to figure out a solution to your brand’s pricing concerns.